Catalan | The Price of Sugar, the Cost of Love

El preu del sucre, el cost de l'amor - A1

Capítol 3: El problema d'Aimo i Eino

Antti estava enfadat amb Aimo i Eino. Els volia posar en problemes. Va demanar a Anneli que l'ajudés. Van fer papers falsos sobre Aimo i Eino fent coses dolentes.

"És correcte?" va preguntar l'Anneli.

"Sí, em van fer mal", va dir Antti.

Aimo i Eino van anar a la presó. Antti estava content de moment.

Chapter 3: Aimo and Eino's Trouble

Antti was angry with Aimo and Eino. He wanted to get them in trouble. He asked Anneli to help him. They made fake papers about Aimo and Eino doing bad things.

"Is this right?" Anneli asked.

"Yes, they hurt me," said Antti.

Aimo and Eino went to prison. Antti was happy for now.